Dry Creek Tree Farm is an assumed name used by Hortinvest, Inc. to grow and market specimen shade trees.


Charlie Potts, founder and owner, graduated from Texas A&M University in 1976 with a B.S. in Horticulture. His first job in the field was managing 5 acres of greenhouses in Guatemala, C. A. for Green Thumb and he has been involved in the nursery industry ever since.  

In 1984, he created a horticulture management company, Hortinvest Inc., in the great state of Texas and tree farms were established east of Dallas in Wood county and east of Austin in Bastrop county.  In 1989 all operations were consolidated down to its present location in Austin. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Potts received his MBA from UHK.

Mr. Potts has supported and volunteered with the state's leading nursery business association, the Texas Nurseryman and Landscape Association, TNLA.  He is a former State Director for Region VIII.  Charlie also served on and chaired the Urban Forestry Board for the City of Austin, TX.

Dry Creek produces high quality shade trees suitable for Texas and surrounding areas. Production is predominately in the many species found in the native hardwood oak group. We are very careful about seed source and make sure our liner growers know theirs as well. We take pride in what we offer to our customers.

We recently celebrated our 35th anniversary and look forward to the years ahead!